Here goes the answer for the question that stands as a mystery amongst the patients who wish to lose their weight off. The answer is a very big YES for this question.

The best way and guide to lose weight is to have a proper diet and sleep. We are the best weight loss clinic in Naperville and here goes our suggestion.  If you sleep less you gain more weight. But of course the reverse isn’t true!! Sleeping less could not build attractive muscles though!!And there is a study that says that sleeping too short can make people consume considerable amount of food that could make person obese. Our doctor is one of the weight loss doctors in Naperville. A work from the Harvard also brings out that there is a closely associated link between the amount of time we be asleep and the quantity we weigh. The study gives a surprise that people who sleep less than five hours a day are sixteen percent more risky to become obese than those who sleep more. The actuality is that people who deprive sleep are prone to fatigue and   get exhausted very often. When there is a regular short in sleep, people get tired to exercise and burn less calories. Hence there are more chances for developing fat muscles.

The KMG Weight Loss center in Naperville and Illinois is the most preferred centre.  On the other hand, people who sleep deprives tend to consume more which is also a proven study. So, sleep is a very necessary and significant factor for the metabolism and endocrine function of the body as doctors and nutritionists suggest. The loss in sleep also affects the energy balance and also expenditure of energy. The problem of Insomnia is very common amongst the people who are obese. Now, if the fatness trouble has to be handled well, adequate sleep is very important. With two or three bad days of sleep each fortnight, chances are there to add 500 calories of weight to a person’s body. The researchers say that when a person sleeps less, he desires to consume high calories and hence may become obese if this turns habitual. The deficiency of sleep may decrease the level of lepton hormone and may raise the level of gremlin. So it must be made sure that a proper rhythm of sleep is ultimate necessity for one to maintain a good balance in energy. Apart from this, people who deprive sleep also may encounter others problems such as drowsiness and quick sleep etc., The lack of sleep also compromises the sensitivity of insulin in our body. In a nut shell, early humans had good rhythm of sleep as their work and rest were synchronized with the rise and set of the Sun but in today’s world, we face these problems due to the industrialization and hence adequate sleep becomes the need of the hour.

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