There are people who think to lose weight rapidly taking too much extra efforts to diet them and undergo unhealthy workouts also. When one needs to keep the lost weight off, it is highly recommended to lose weight on a slow pace so that it could be maintained as a everlasting lifestyle. Before this we must consult a family doctor in Naperville. The weight loss may sometime lead to anti aging and certain skin problems for which consultation with a primary care doctor is a mandate. KMG is one of the best primary care doctors in Naperville. A loss of one or two pounds a fortnight is what is highly recommended to get enduring rid of obesity. We must also note the fact that if we lose weight very swiftly than the recommended level, we may not lose much of the fat that could be lost when the result is achieved in a slow and steady basis. But in certain extreme cases, the doctors may suggest a strict low calorie diet for a fast weight loss if obesity causes any serious and severe problem. We can get to know about diet calories from the primary care doctor in Naperville.  There are also certain cases where in the initial stages a rapid weight loss is recommended to a certain extent and once the transition period is attained the slow cycle for the weight loss is advised. This is also done on extreme cases. But otherwise the slow paced loss in weight helps to get back from the problem of obesity. The weight loss products may guarantee the loss of weight in no time but it may cause certain side effects and the consequences would go up to the extent of the hormonal changes also. So, one must be very cautious in doing the rapid work outs and must be done in the right way. When the weight is lost in the faster pace then there are certain health risks and the slimmer body could not be maintained for months and years after. In today’s scenario, building good muscles is tougher and losing weight is even tougher. So if we eat more calories than what we burn we tend to gain weight. So the primary fact is we must eat less calories to maintain slimmer body and if weight has to be lost, it must be done on a slower pace to avoid serious consequences.